At KidWild we believe that each child should be able to live pure, wild and free. Free of harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides. KidWild products are made from organic and eco-friendly fabrics that are naturally soft, sustainable and hypo-allergenic. 


Why choose organic?

A newborn's skin is extremely delicate and very sensitive to allergens. It is important to ensure a healthy beginning with layette, sleepwear and bedding that is breathable, hypo-allergenic and free from synthetics and chemical residues. 

Conventional vs organic cotton

Conventional cotton is a highly chemical intensive crop. It uses nearly 25% of the world's insecticides, and many of the conventional cotton seeds are genetically modified. Many childhood allergies are caused by the use of chemically treated products and can be avoided by using organic, chemical free clothing, bedding and sleepwear.

Our organic fabrics

Our natural fibers are incredibly soft and comfortable and allow for breathability and temperature regulation, allowing for a better night’s sleep for your child and the rest of the family.